This Is Not Canada
For Truth and Freedom
Truth = facts = reality

Freedom= liberty = absence of subjection to despotic oligarchy government

This Is Not Canada                                              

For a good many of us who struggle to provide and survive in this “Great Nation”, you don’t need a PHD to see things aren’t so good with today’s society; the middle class is giving way to the working poor who struggle to make ends meet. The “nuclear family” promised by 60’s fictional propaganda turned into today’s reality of both parents working 40-60 hours week just to keep up. Cost of living has outgrown wage increases so much that people struggle to make ends meet for such basic things as health care housing heat electricity transportation and decent food.

A mere 150 years, environmentally Mother Earth looks like one of those series of pictures of a crack addict as they progress over the years; indeed capitalism is the crack of government who’ve sold resources for pennies on the dollar just to get their fix. Government allows the systematic genocide by greedy self-governing corporations who’ve clear cut strip mined fracked n fucked every area of this Great Nation; including whole communities like Yellowknife BC where there will be no celebration of 150 after the mine left the community heavily tainted with arsenic. Two years after the Mount Polly tailings pond fiasco and still not one charge laid against the corporation but the mine is up and running again while community of Likely BC suffers and taxpayer’s are left to pay for remediation in the billions.

Mother Earth who suffers death by a thousand cuts of capitalism won’t be celebrating 150 years of Canada. Truly, all that is required for a corporation to “capitalize” is to “lobby” [bribe] government, and with the prick of a pen gods of government declare a thing legal. MLK jr reminded us “never forget everything Hitler did was legal”. Indeed much of what is legal today is not lawful/right, though those in positions of power hold themselves above the law and unaccountable; this is not a democracy any more than I’m Santa Clause…this is an Oligarchy with certain families and class of privileged people who’ve never suffered a day in their life dictating to those of us who truly carry this great nation on our backs; those of us who build their homes schools roads, work in their factories buildings and oil fields, those of us who grew up in the country growing the food that feeds them.

Take a moment to consider the reality of Canada; the richest nation per capita on the face of the planet; More resources than we could ever use, enough trees to cut lumber for everyone to have free homes, though a low grade 2X4 costs us $5 and a home $500 000. Homeless hunger and heroin overdoses are the norm in this “great nation” barely 150 years old. Within that time till today many Native communities are still being taken advantage of and living in third world conditions. The world constantly at war, often on the verge of WWIII, Veterans who served the interests of bureaucrats have literally been left in the cold time and time again, many feeling so abandoned that there have been more veteran suicides than KIA’s in recent years; for veteran’s their families and their communities, every day is Remembrance Day because war is Hell that never leaves a man.

However for corporations war is profit, P.M. Trudeau has just pledged 62 billion in military spending at the demand of US President Trump. That 62 billion would provide a home for every homeless person and give every middle class Canadian $2500 a month to pay for necessities for twenty years. 62 billion would build a high speed zero emissions bullet train across Canada and it would be free to ride for everyone, cutting greenhouse gases and poisonous emissions by 60 billion tons in the first 20 years. But no, in Jr’s mind the environment can wait because Donald Duck Trump says the economy and dropping bombs on hospitals and weddings in the Middle East is more important than protecting the environment from a frenzy feed of rich resources by capitalist corporations who’s only thought is profit. The US military budget for one year could make every citizen in the US a millionaire-war is profit and control. 

Doesn’t anyone find it strange government can’t raise enough funds to sustain its self from our vast resources, even when in the recent years their value has skyrocketed through the roof? Governments everywhere have been running huge deficits and implementing new taxes user fees and increasing existing taxes, taxing the living hell out of everything and everyone [except the corporations and rich who get tax breaks lope holes and bailouts] while the national debt climbs billions each year in interest.

Public schools don’t teach children the economics of Canada; how up until 1975 there was no national debt even though Canada went through two world wars, built the largest navy  the railway the TransCanada highway, created health care retirement pensions and our education system without creating long term debt because we could borrow from ourselves with little interest.

However 1975 Trudeau senior signed away our right to borrow from the Bank of Canada, instead having to borrow from private banks on the world market owned by powerful families, [along with every other major country at the time] leading to what the world witnesses today; every major country up to its neck in debt it can never repay, many on the verge of bankruptcy with the taxpayers left to clean up the mess while the politicians live a life of luxury.  Meanwhile Jr. has been on a spending spree with tax payer’s money, committing over 100 billion since his election on things that get us no where closer to ending homelessness and hunger for our own people.

One might think this crazy world in which we live in today, that somehow the people for whom government was created to serve have fallen through the cracks by accident; but how could such a thing happen to such a wealthy Nation, run by so called highly educated professions, paid ridiculous amounts of money and given unlimited power and authority?

There is a conscious movement of pissed off people who aren’t stupid and know something is up who are rising up across the world asking tough questions. With the development of the web, vast amounts of information becomes available to reveal things we were never meant to learn; reverser engineering history government and the legal system to reveal that this reality many suffer in, is anything but a mistake. It really is a modern day Robin Hood in which Her/His Majesty [H.M.] has left, leaving H.M. public servants to oversee the Kingdom in which H.M. swore an oath [coronation oath] to serve and protect the people in our best interest- the complete opposite of what today’s government represents.

This year we celebrate 150 years of Canada as a Nation, It’s vast beauty and the wonderful people spread from sea to seas. However this corrupt government system is not The Canada my forefathers fought and died for, as such it is our duty and honour to remember them by not being silent, by talking among ourselves, educating others, by voicing our concerns, taking peaceful action, not be afraid to go to jail for public protesting, and even take legal action for change and to hold those crooked accountable